Domestic Scaffolding

Residential homes, apartment buildings, condominiums, etc.

Commercial Scaffolding

Industrial buildings, offices, warehouses, etc.

Emergency Scaffolding

24 hour a day, 7 day a week emergency scaffolding services.

Scaffolding Services

Professional scaffolding services – call us at 0800 311 8004.


Scaffolding Services in London and surrounding areas

Scaffolding PRO Ltd. is a well established scaffolding company; which covers all aspects of domestic and commercial scaffolding. We are a committed and dedicated team; so who take great pride in every job we undertake. That is to say, we ensure a diligent and meticulous approach; therefore we guarantee to our clients; that all our staff are kept up to date with the latest health and safety regulations.

Whatever work you require; whether it will be emergency scaffolding, or domestic or commercial scaffolding services; rest assured we can help. You can be sure we are fully qualified and fully insured to carry out the most complex of scaffolding jobs. Contact us today for a free no obligation quotation.

Scaffolding PRO

Scaffolding PRO Services in London

Get in touch with us for any scaffolding service; using contact page or by phone at 0800 311 8004

Domestic Scaffolding - Commercial Scaffolding

Domestic Scaffolding

We offer secure and safe scaffolding to undertake works on your home. We have the experience to undertake a multitude of services on your home; for example: guttering repairs, roof repairs; window repairs, home extensions, loft conversions and more.

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Commercial Scaffolding

Commercial scaffold wherever you need it. Industrial buildings, offices, warehouses, we have it covered. We have the necessary experience to provide you with scaffolding. Contact us to discuss your exact needs; so we can ascertain what is needed to get the job done.

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Emergency Scaffolding

Emergency scaffolding is usually needed due to adverse weather conditions; (high winds and pelting rain); which puts older buildings; and even brand new buildings under a heavy amount of strain. This can lead to unplanned damage to a building which can result in a major safety issue.

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Areas we cover

Scaffolding PRO – Professional Scaffolding Services in London and surrounding areas


We offer scaffolding services in Wembley, London.


We offer scaffolding services in Chingford, London.


We offer scaffolding services in Hornsey, London.


We offer scaffolding services outside of London as well.


We offer scaffolding services in Harrow, London.


We offer scaffolding services in Hammersmith, London.


We offer scaffolding services in St John’s Wood, London.


We offer scaffolding services in almost any area in London, UK.

Scaffolding PRO Projects

Here are some of the projects we have completed for our clients

Scaffolding PRO
Scaffolding PRO
Scaffolding PRO
Scaffolding PRO
Scaffolding PRO
Scaffolding PRO
Scaffolding PRO
Scaffolding PRO

Clients Testimonials

We always appreciate the feedback from our clients

This was our first time hiring scaffolding on one of our projects. They had the most competitive pricing. They were very responsive with all aspects from quoting, installation, repairs and pickup. In short, great company to work with.

Owen B.

Firstly, I had a lot of experience with scaffolding needs. There is no company like Scaffolding PRO. Always on time and responsive. They take safety seriously and all of their material is up to date. Highly recommend.

Abijah R.

They arrived on time and most importantly; they erected the scaffold completely around my house; professionally and quickly. Very good price, best of 4 quotes I received. They allowed me some extra time at the end when my works over-ran.

Matthew C.

Scaffolding Services in London and surrounding areas. Call us for a FREE price quote!

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Emergency Scaffolding in London

When the unexpected happens, solutions are not easy to find quickly. Scaffolding PRO expects the unexpected; and offer a round the clock 24 hour emergency assistance service.

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