Professional Scaffolding for Rent

When it comes for scaffolding for rent, this is among the most important equipment at a construction site; because the right type of scaffolding can ensure safety and efficiency. However, scaffolding is also expensive enough that it could break your construction budget. If you understand the cost factors involved, you can make the best decision about whether to rent or buy scaffolding to get the best value for your money. Here is a quick guide to scaffolding costs.

When should you rent?

Both renting and buying scaffolding have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the best option depends on your specific circumstances. In these specific situations, renting may be the better choice for you.

You Have a Short-Term Project

Consider renting scaffolding for short-term projects. If you are just getting started as a contractor, renting may be a smart choice, especially if do not yet have a steady stream of jobs. Renting scaffolding may also be ideal for smaller, one-off residential projects. Look into buying scaffolding equipment if long-term repeat usage will deliver a return on the investment.

You Want to Save on Storage

If you buy scaffolding, you’ll have to pay for both the equipment and a place to store it between projects. If you require a large amount of scaffolding equipment, consider renting. This will eliminate the cost of long-term storage, which on its own can be expensive.

You Want to Save on Labor

Consider the labor costs of assembling, inspecting, and disassembling scaffolding equipment. Scaffolding can take hours, if not days, to set up. New hires will need training to assemble and disassemble the new equipment. You will also need a separate, competent worker to inspect the equipment every time it is set up. If you buy scaffolding equipment, you must bear these costs.

On the other hand, a scaffolding rental company is responsible for installing, assembling, transporting, inspecting, and storing the equipment, which can save on labor and overhead costs.

Professional Scaffolding for Rent
Professional Scaffolding for Rent

How much does renting scaffolding cost?

Several factors affect the cost of renting scaffolding. If you want to rent, keep these factors in mind so that you can find the best deal.

  • Location – The cost of renting scaffolding varies depending on the location of your scaffolding rental company.
  • Duration of Project – Generally, prices for scaffold rentals may range between £400 and £1000 per week. Ask your scaffolding provider whether the rates are per piece or per an entire scaffolding kit.
  • Size and Type – Before you rent scaffolding equipment, be clear about the size and type of scaffolding you need on your construction site. The right equipment will not only ensure safety but improve productivity, which improves your bottom line.
  • Labor – Your scaffolding rental company will usually install the equipment for you. Inquire about the setup costs and the cost of transporting the equipment to and from your site. You can minimize the amount of time the scaffolding company needs to install the equipment by clearing the worksite as much as possible beforehand.

Renting scaffolding can be a safe choice, especially if you do not have upfront funds to purchase such equipment. If you are unsure how much scaffolding you will need, speak with a reputable and experienced scaffolding installation company for more insight.

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