When should you use Scaffold Towers?

Scaffold towers – sometimes known as ‘tower scaffolds’ or ‘access towers’; – are a great alternative to ladders when you’re working at height. We’re going to look at the different uses; their benefits and the various hire and purchase options.

Painting and decorating using scaffold towers

This kind of activity requires you to move around at height; which is why a secure, mobile tower would be an excellent platform to work on. The towers stand completely upright; which means you won’t have to worry about smudging paint work like you would with a ladder.

Guttering or window cleaning

Their secure platform means that you’re more able to target those difficult-to-reach areas; when performing tasks such as window cleaning and guttering. You still have to be careful though – make sure not to overstretch!

Construction work with access towers

As scaffolding specialists, most enquiries we receive about access towers are those associated with construction work. If you’re working on a project that requires you to move around frequently; e.g. bricklaying, mobile scaffold towers are ideal.

Benefits of Scaffold Towers

When used properly, they’re safer than ladders. Towers have a wide surface area, are supported on four legs and are free-standing. Ladders on the other hand; only have two legs and have to rest at an angle. If set up properly, towers are generally considered the safer option.

They’re easy to manoeuvre. Most scaffold towers are fitted with wheels, making them straightforward to move. For added security, they’re fitted with castors to stop the wheels from moving when the tower is in use.

They provide a sturdy working platform. If you’re going to be using a lot of tools and equipment during your project, an access tower’s platform is perfect for keeping everything safely beside you while you work.

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